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University of Texas at Austin
PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

New York Times have a study where they use psychology to get people to vote.  Republicans have made it more difficult for the people who weren’t planning to vote – to vote  Democrats did a system where they identified groups they thought would vote for them and worked really hard to bring them to the polls o People work best if they have a plan, so if you ask them “are you planning to vote?” and then say “tell me exactly how you’re going to get to the polling station”  The more concrete the plan, the more likely you’re able to execute it 4 cases are given, one of them is considered to be a very serious case of mental illness: 1. 34 year old female goes to a fancy dinner place with a group of friends and eats a huge amount a. Then vomits, comes back and eats again, then vomits it all up, doing this about 6 times b. Happened in Ancient Greece where it was common 2. 20 year old male gets up in the morning and goes to the refrigerator, drinks a beer and it was so good he had one for dessert a. Then walks out to go to a friend’s house but his friend is asleep b. Goes inside the house and drink a couple glasses of wine from his friend’s refrigerator c. Then he goes and finds some other friends about 10-11am and drinks some with them d. Does this the entire day and through that night e. Found himself passed out at 5 in the morning in front of someone’s yard f. Common because it happened during the spring party 3. 45 year old male gets up in the morning and looks outside his house and was sure there was somewhere he knew out there a. Got to see his friend, so he runs quickly to a tree and hides behind it and looks back to see if there’s anybody there behind him b. There wasn’t, so he ran further ahead and goes down a path looking behind him the whole time c. He does this every morning with nobody behind him d. He keeps thinking there’s somebody who’s out to get him e. Recorded in the book The Sane Society by Erich Fromm in the 1950s i. Cultures can go insane ii. Happened in an island where everyone behaved in a paranoid fashion 4. 41 year old married woman decides she wants to start a business on her own , so she goes to the local bank a. Asks to see the bank president and says she’d like to take out a loan b. The bank president asks if her husband knows but she said he doesn’t need to because she wants to start her own business c. Happened in the 1840s where women didn’t have the right to have their own business i. Viewed mentally ill during that time It all depends on the time and place, if someone is seen insane or not. Study conducted in 1973 by David Rosenhan to answer the question: How easy would it be to convince people that you’re insane?  He had a bunch of collaborators and went to a huge range of mental hospitals across the country o Some in rural, in cities, etc.  They all went and complained of an auditory hallucination o Claimed to be hearing either Ahollo, Dow and Thud o They gave a true life story  But the only thing changed was their occupation o Would that be enough to get them into a psychiatric institution?  Yes they were all admitted to the psychiatric wards  Most diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic  After being admitted, they behaved completely normal o How long would it take for people to notice that they weren’t insane?  Nobody noticed except the people who were actually insane  Had to say they were i
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