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University of Texas at Austin
PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Hypervigilant – abnormally increased arousal, responsiveness to stimuli and scanning of the environment for threats  Treatment o Desensitization of the cue that upsets the person Disorders completely disrupting people’s lives, their social and work lives  Neuroses are generally thought to be disorders where people make up tales in their minds.  Psychoses are people who in a sense live in these worlds Major thought disorders [most common] – schizophrenia Major mood disorder – depression Schizophrenia is a class of disorders:  Symptoms of schizophrenia is a blunted, flattened affect o Blunted feelings and emotions o Hallucinations  Hearing voices  Tactile/visual hallucinations o Delusions o Disordered thinking/disorganized thoughts  Simple schizophrenia o Able to get by in life o Blunted emotions o Can get and hold a job, but have major problems in human relationships  Paranoid schizophrenia o Delusions of people trying to control their mind or trying to monitor them o They will think they’re being spied on o Or some secret organization is watching o 3 Crisis of Ipsilon  3 psychiatrists knew 3 schizophrenics all of whom they thought were Jesus Christ  Psychiatrists got the 3 schizophrenics in one room to cure them  Thought because there was multiple of Jesus Christs, they would snap out of their delusion  But instead they found it interesting to meet each other o Delusions of persecution [controlling the world] o Reasonably treatable with anti-psychotic drugs o Most common of all schizophrenias  Catatonia schizophrenia o Occurs sometimes for a day, a week or a month o A person in this state have no connections with the outside world o Waxy flexibility  Doing what is being told of them, and stays in that position or what activity they’re doing o People with this say they’re living in a really rich life o Treatable  7% of the population will ever be diagnosed with schizophrenia  Genetics plays a big role  Schizophrenics live 10-15 years less than people who don’t have schizophrenia because they really don’t take care of themselves well Unipolar depression [major depressive disorder] and bipolar depression [has manic episodes] Depression is the most common mental disorder:  Incredibly expensive at the personal, family and societal level  Rates of depression are high o 17% of the population will at some time be diagnosed with major depression  Women are about twice as likely to be diagnosed with a major depress
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