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PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Social physics – involves where people live and where people feel comfortable George Zipf is a psychologist at Harvard  Published articles and books of how people in different communities would be related to one another [PARTY IS GOING ON, WITH THE TASK OF THE PEOPLE INTERACTING AND MOVING AROUND] 1. People tended to talk to people who looked like them at the beginning (same sex, ethnicity, age) 2. Spacing was fairly open at the beginning and got tighter every time people were asked to move around 3. People tended to turn away from the audience or camera 4. At the beginning, many people had “closed” body language (hands in pockets, arms crossed) 5. The more talkative people tended to move around the least 6. The noise from the group got louder over time 7. The average group size was 3-4 people 8. The larger groups tended to be less stable 9. When asked to move, most people only moved a few steps 10. Over time, people stood closer and closer together while talking Women tend to move around less but generally people tend to go to the same place. Idea of attractors – may be things that are appealing to you and attract you to a certain space  More people close to the exits in classrooms  If the class isn’t full
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