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PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Before benchmark: If the teacher structures the kids’ play too much, the kids want to stop exploring. The idea is to encourage kids to explore the world on their own. After benchmark: Razorblade of Life:  Conception  Birth  Crawl  Walk  Talk  Puberty  As you get older, time goes faster Give pregnant women positive stories. PREGNANCY:  It’s a profound stage in social roles when a woman is pregnant.  Sleep deprivation, can’t hang out with your friends like you use to, and other things causing decrease in happiness after giving birth [happiness only lasts for a couple weeks].  It’s normal to feel like hurting your baby during the stress time of taking care of him/her. When infants are born, all they see are objects and colors but not clear images of the surroundings.  They like to mimic people Attachment theory  Secure base – mom is sitting on her porch, and her kid goes off and wanders around then comes back to this “secure base” where the caregiver [mom] is. o The caregiver doesn’t have to be the mother o Can have multiple attachment figures  Video of experiment [secure attachment style] st o 1 part  Mother and baby play together  Then stranger enters  Mom leaves  Baby starts crying  Mother returns and stranger leaves  The “reunion” o 2 part  Mother leaves the child alone  Stranger returns  “second reunion” 
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