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University of Texas at Austin
PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Duncan Watts did research with music if whether you like a certain type of music because of quality or everyone else likes it.  He created a music site which about 15000 people could go to  And then can listen to songs and download them  New bands with new songs  There was 2 groups o See the song and then listen to it, and rate it and opportunity to download it  Evenly downloaded o They can see how many other people have downloaded that song after listening to it  “Superstar effect”  Duncan set up 8 different communities and the people are assigned to one of these communities and can only see the views of that group TOPIC: Learning Associated historically with school of thought – “behaviorism”; around the 1900s Scientific approach to psychology [has roots to behaviorism] by behaviorists:  Apply scientific method  Predict and control  Emphasized the role of the environment  Many of the processes are basic in humans that could also be found in animals Learning can be thought of as creating an association.  Consists of permanent change of behavior in result of experience  Two types: classical and instrumental learning Classical conditioning  Stimulus being associated with a biological change  Ivan Pavlov first studied this o Early work with dogs o He associated ringing of the bell with salivating o US – food o UR – salivation o CS – bell o CR - salivation  Stimulus v. response  Conditioned v. unconditioned  Little Albert  Was shown rat and he would stroke it  A gong went bang behind his h
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