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PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Daniel Connerman with his book Thinking Fast and Slow  Discovered peak and phenomenon o How we come to understand our memories o The best part (the peak) and how it ended is how we remember our memories Language can reflect psychological states and can affect psychological states.  Words reflect who we are  The words you have dictate how you see things  Putting a linguistic label on something changes our memory accord  Certain class of words affect who we are o Content words (nouns/verbs) o Function words (pronouns/prepositions)  Account for half the words we use Broca’s Area  In the frontal lobe (where our functions and personal thoughts, personalities, etc. are)  Related to function words  Function words are ultimately really social Wernicke’s Area  Specifically related to content words  Temporal lobe Women and Men use of words:  Women use “I” more  Women use social words more [interested in other human things]  No difference on emotion words  “we, us and our” are used differently between men and women  Men use articles more [more concrete, interested in objects and things]  Women use cognitive words more Analyzing songs of famous artists, can we learn about them? 2 ways of thinking about problems are in terms of algorithm and heuristic.  Algorithm is a set of procedures you follow o Systematically go through procedures o Example: start at the first aisle on the left until you start getting to the olives  Heuristic is about rules of thumb; broad problem solving strategies o Shortcuts
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