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University of Texas at Austin
PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Dr. Keith Maddox from Tufts University [speaker] Social psychology – the scientific study of how individuals think, feel and behave in a social context  It’s all in the method  (A)ffect, (B)ehavior, and (C)ognition  Real or imagined presence of other people Social cognition – study of how people make sense of themselves and others  Focus on process in addition to content  Informed from research in cognitive psychology TRIAL:  Pick a number between 1 and 9  Subtract 5  Multiply by 3  Square the number  Add the digits  If number is less than 5, add 5 to it. If the number is greater than 5, subtract 4  Take the absolute value  Multiply by 2  Subtract 6  Map your number to its corresponding letter in the alphabet  Pick the name of a country that belongs to that letter  Take the second letter of that country and pick a mammal that begins with it  Think of a common color of that animal *People particularly when they’re making judgments under time pressure use something called the availability heuristic STEREOTYPING, PREJUDICE AND DISCRIMINATION  Stereotyping (C) o Endorsed or unendorsed knowledge about the attributes associated with a group of people  Prejudice (A) o An positive or negative attitude toward others based on group membership  Discrimination (B) o Unjustifiable negative behavior toward others based on group membership Explicit and implicit associations  Explicit o Stereotypes o Knowledge that you might have that you sort of know that you have  Implicit o Associate groups with things that you aren’t cognitively aware of 2 modes of (social) cognition:  Automatic processing o Fast o Unconscious o Mandatory
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