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SOC 302
Kelly Fulton

Codes of Gender Video Tuesday, November 06, 2012 8:33 AM Identity and performance in pop culture • If we can't decide what gender a person is, it's harder to interact with them. If we want to fit in and function normally, we have to learn how to read and act out the symbols • Goffman book: communication of gender. What advertising tells us about ourselves • There is nothing natrual about gender identity: it is part of a porcess where we take on certain attributes that we think are apporpriate. • Sex: different biological characteristics • Gender: our advertisments of what the characteristics are. • Gender: is a social created idea • Gender display: the process where we perforom what is expected of us within our gender characerisitcs. • The human body: the way we walk: becomes medium of the way we communicate. • Make visible what seems to be invisible • Advertising: commercial realism: portraying what could be real. Goffman focuses on them because of what their seeming nrmality tells us about oursleves. The Feminine Touch • Hands are represented differently in advertising. Femail hands are show as letting the enviornment is controlling them. Femail hands are show as outlining an object . Not whol hand is used, weak. Fmailes self touch. Symbolicly connected to volnurability. Woman are in breathless posture or delecatly. • Male touch is controlling and bold. Manipulating enviornment. Power, strengh The ritualization of subordination • Women are often shown laying down. First in this position it is dificult to defend yourself, giving thm no defense to possible threats. Posture giving in to powerless. 2nd: always sexualized. Feminity = submisive, powerless and dependent. • Men: are active, alert, ready to respond, standing. • Gay men use women's "laying down" in their • Bshfu knee bend: placing women upsright and unbalanced. Projects a sense that she isn't prepared or bounded. • Holding their feet or heal of shoe, keeping them off balance: volnuarable and defensless • Head tilted to side: rather than holding them high and firm
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