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Lecture 35

T D 301 Lecture 35: TD301 – Smith and Ethics – 3.1C

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University of Texas at Austin
Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD301 Smith and Ethics 3.1C Smiths Fires and Mirrors Tells stories even that are not related to news line Janelle Reinelts Critique: o Smith doesnt have the right to tell other peoples story o Question why she has the right to talk on behalf of all these people? Counter argument: If not her than who? If we cant talk for one another, what does that say about our relationship with others? o Smith gets more authority than ppl generally attribute with theatre Is that problematic? o Smiths response If we only let men speak for men, black speak for black, then we inhibt theatre Will only be able to portray the norm Talking about each other and for each other helps two unlike people get to know each other The ethics of representation in Documentary theatre Reinelt: What responsibility does the playwright have to the o Story Using real names, characteristics, etc. o Community and interviewees o Audience o Objectivity There is always going to be some sort of bias, individual identities will always tell Smiths Four American Characters for Ted Trying to figure out what it means to be an American from around the country 320 years 9 years of interpretation in project: On the Road: A search for the American Character Started in 1980s Became 2011 show Let me down Easy Theory: o BothAnd o Say that it is both exciting and important but can also critique it Maybe she is not doing it right, but it brings up an important point Extra Credit Questions: o Who are these characters o Why do you think smith chose these 4 characters to represent her work on TED Do they have an arc? Consider the different audience for ted than American theatre Do they create a bigger story
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