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Lecture 35

T D 301 Lecture 35: TD301- Contemporary Performance – 3.3

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Theatre and dance
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T D 301

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TD301 Contemporary Performance 3.3 Fusebox 13 years old now International and national artists Contemporary performance, interdisciplinary artwork Help bring work to nonhub cities i.e. Austin, Seattle, Portland, etc. o Way to have a cultural exchange 100 free to attend 50+ unique events from 20+ locations in Austin o Activities concentrated in acclaimed entertainment and business districts of downtown Austin east side (culturally diverse) eclectic south Austin UT Actively involves community, seeks partnerships Goal: civic conversation through partnership and collaboration Establishes central TX as a cultural leader and artistic hub Brings thousands of local and visiting audience members to cutting edge art products Brings arts writers from around the country to Austin to attend festival Gives public access to free workshops, classes, discussions Unique in its scale and mission o Only a few other similar events in the entire country Respect the Reservation o Free range art o Began 3 years ago o 60 increase in first time festival goers in 2014 and 2015 o On average, people attended twice as many events, demonstrating deeper level of engagement o Respect Reservation 97 success rate o Sparks dialogue by providing free access to everyone Events o Maria Chavez Solo Turntable and String Room Installation o Jim Findlay Vine of the Dead o Irvin Morazan Boom ! Boom ! Whammm ! Swoosh ! o All_caps Title Loading Future of Fusebox thinkEast o A response to the space crisis: o Land in Govalle, donated by investors o In partnership with Austin Cultural Arts Division 2017 festival o 5 days instead of 10 Started in 2016 o Focus on bringing together a network of international curators, programmers and artists in conversation with the hyperlocalized festival of 2015
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