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Lecture 34

T D 301 Lecture 34: TD301 – Documentary Theatre – 3.1A

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Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD301 Documentary Theatre 3.1A Characteristics of Documentary Theatre Focus on events not characters o i.e. Raisin in the sun, Angels in America, etc. all based on characters Nonrealist o Minimal costumes, props, stage design o Will constantly be aware that this is not real life based on Costumes Props Stage design Can contain o Newspaper headlines o Press clipping o Court testimonies o Depositions o Letter o Songs o Poems o Novel excerpts o Public personalities o Legal documents o Sound and audio clips o Etc. Often incorporating historical documents word for word o Verbatim theatre: copying something exactly as said Usually most popular during time of social upheaval Federal theatre project (FTP) Federally supported national theatre 193539 Part of FDRs New Deal o Great Depression era o First thing ppl do when tight on money is get rid of entertainment o Artists were jobless Usually free or very cheap o Funding came from gov not ticket sales Dealt with progressive social issues Living Newspaper Used various sources of data to create stories that inform the public of social issues For example o one third of a nation looked at housing inequality in New York focused on bad living conditions ppl forced to live in
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