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Lecture 36

T D 301 Lecture 36: TD 301 - Fences – 3.5A

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Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD 301 Fences 3.5A August Wilson 4274510505 Born Frederick August Kittel in Pennsylvania Black mom, German dad Grew up with black mom in white neighborhood Passed for white in most circles Dropped out of high school at 15 and selfeducated himself at public library Earned an honorary HS diploma for doing that Unsuccessful poet until 1978 1979 Jitney o Earned him playwriting fellowship at Minneapolis Playwrighting center 1982 Ma Raineys Black Bottom o Accepted at Eugene O Neil Playwrights conference Met Lloyd Richards during this period o Directed his first 6 plays After father died, changed name to be more representative of his mother bc he felt closer to his mother Pittsburgh Ten Play Cycle o Wrote ten plays about ppl from different decades in Pennsylvania Fences play Developed 1983 Premiered at Yale Rep in 1985 Broadway production at the 46 street theater o March 26, 1987 1988 o Directed by Lloyd Richards Won tony award and Pulitzer prize for drama Language o Everyday language for Black working class Setting o 1957 o Later, 1965 o Pittsburgh, PA o Front porch and yard of the Maxsons Conflict o Troy and Cory Troy didnt want Cory to play football Characters o Gabriel Troys brother WW2 survivor, brain damage He thinks hes like the Angel Gabriel Angel Gabriel messenger of god, day of judgement announcement
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