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Lecture 37

T D 301 Lecture 37: TD 301 – Fences- Film Version – 3.5B

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Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD 301 Fences Film Version 3.5B Themes and symbols Coming of age o Cory not allowed to play baseball o Troy was great, not allowed to play baseball bc of race Doesnt want Cory to be denied opportunity bc of race o Cory and Rose disagree with Troy bc its the late 50s, things have changed, integrated teams are now a thing History and legacy o Troy Really troubled childhood, abusive father, stealing to survive, left home at 14 Troys ability to be a good father therefore is limited bc he did not have a good example Survival o Troy Stealing to survive Thinks survival is the only option, doesnt think it is possible to thrive Guides Cory to survive, rather than thrive bc survival is all Troy knows how to do Lyons, in contrast, is a jazz musician not financially stable, cant really survive independently Cory can survive, but not encouraged to follow his passions Fences o Symbolizes relationship between Rose and Troy Troy wants to finish it, but keeps disappointing Rose o Wants to keep insides safe Meant to keep ppl inside of the walls Rose wanting troy to stay in the home with her o Keep infidelity out Keep other women out, away from troy o Fences between ppl Fence bw troy and rose, troy and Cory, troy and his friend (towards the end) Fences Film 2016 Film adaptation of play PG 13 not saying as many curse words Paramount Pictures acquired rights in 1987 o While play still on Broadway Most of play cast is in movie o Really rare Actors loved film experience o Really rare o Most times play and film experience are drastically different
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