UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Phoneme, Word Formation, Universal Grammar

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3 Oct 2016
L&H Lecture 1
Definitions, concepts, and
Language is a system of communiation, meidum for thought, a vehicle for lit.
expression, a social instiution, a matter for political controversy, & a catalyst for
nation building
4 di lvls of analyzing and conceptuzalizing 'language'
1. human language faculty/capacity
2. world's many di languages
3. speakers'/ communities language use
4. speakers'/communities' language ideologies
The Human Language faculty/capacity
Evolutionary adapation
Pan-human characteristic
Distinguishes humans from all other species
Distinguish Traits of`Homo Sapiens
1) bipedalism
2) big brains
3) Language
4) truly oppasable thumbs
5) pervasive tool use
6) complex culture
When did Human language origninate
About 100k yrs ago
Fossil records & prevailing ideas abt. hominid evolution
Hominids are characterized by an upright gait, increased brain size and
intelligence compared w/ other primates, a flattened face, etc..
1st Homo sapiens mighrated out of Africa
Big brains w/ changed skull shaped
Presumes internal reorganization
Possibly modern language areas of the brain
1st evidence of non utilitar goods
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