UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sociolect, Horse Length, Baby Talk

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Published on 3 Oct 2016
L&H Lecture 3: Linguistic Anthropology: Key dvlpments of 1960s
Commuication and Culture
Sociolinguistics: The study of the social aspects of language, study of lang. focusing on
relationship btwn society & lang; study of lang as it is used in social context
Language vs Dialect
A language is a dialect with an army and navy
A lingustic question that is also a philosophical & political question
Issues of variation and mutual intelligibly
Idiolect vs Dialect
Idiolect: the unique characteristics of the lang. of an individual speaker
Dialect: a regional or social variety of a lang. characterized by its own phonological,
syntactic, and lexical properties
Principle regional dialecs = still strong
Some distinctive local dialects dying out
Local dialects
thrive when communities are isolated
change when many outsiders come in
Descriptivism: is a nonjudgmental approach to language that focuses on how it is actually
spoken and written
Prescriptivist: strong assertion that there is a right and definite wrong way to use a
Accent: a common way of referring to the sounds of speech
the way a particular group speaks thei native lang, the way non native speakers are
influenced by their first langs. when speaking second languages
Vowels and consonants (R-lessness,car vs cah, mary vs marry vs merry)
Stress.emphasis (umbrella vs umbrella)
Pitch contours
Lexical dierences btwn dialects
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