UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Ethnomethodology, Croatian Radiotelevision, Conversation Analysis

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3 Oct 2016
L&H Lecture 4: Conversation Analysis & Speech Act Theory
Slang: words or expressions typically used in informal communication
slang words often dont last for a long time altho some endure
usually equated with young people
Style shifting: adjusting or changing from one style of speech to another
style shifts are automatic/unconscious reactions to a situation, an audience, or a
may be deliberate
occurs iwthin the same lang.
Social Speech Varieties
Lang. varieties associated w/ social factors, such as socioeconomic class, age,
ethnic bg, or sex. orientation
Social speech varieties can vary within geographic regions
Key Demographic Variables in Sociolinguistics
Ethnic bg
John L. Austin
Philosophy of Lang. Oxford University
Speech Act Theory
Speech = Action
Examines how lang. is USED in relation to meaning
Utterances (vs. sentences) = actions
Hymans ACT, doing things with/thru language
Performance utterances
"I prounounce thee man and wife"
3 Dimensions of an Utterance
Locution = utterance (act of saying something) (ex. "Get out!")
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