UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Horse Length, Paul Grice, Microsociology

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Published on 3 Oct 2016
L&H Lecture 5: Speece Act Theory
Paul Grice
English Phlosopher of Language
Grice's Cooperative Principle
Set of norms expected in convo.
Shared by speakers & hearers in everyday convo.
Interlocuters shape their utterances to be understood
4 Maximins Expected in Conversation
Quantity: Speakers is as informative as is required
Quality: Speaker tells the truth or says something provable by adequate
Relation: Response is releavant to the topic of discussion
Manner: Speakers avoid ambiguity or obscurity; are direct and
Conversation = Cooperative Activity
Exceptions = violations to the 4 fundamental principles governing
copperative activity
Erving Goman
Pioneered micro-sociology
studied face to face interactiongs
Presentation of selt, footing, face and face work, and framing
Presenation of self
Acting metaphor
Imagery of the theatre to portay human social interaction
Speakers/ 'actors' 'perform'
in a setting w/ stage and backstage
With props (multiple semiotic resources)
are being watched by an audience
@ same time he/she is an audience for his viewers' performances
Participant's projected self during a convo. interaction
Footing can/ does change= realignments
Change in the relavant frame for events
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