UGS 302 Lecture 8: 9/21

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8 Nov 2016
The cell that started a pandemic
1981- new diseas- young men in LA
David Quoman- where did it come from?
Gaten dugas- not 0 but did spread to many men
Looked @ people who died in the past of AIDs like things
Amount if Diversity, more diversity, longer its been around
Aids entered US around 1966ish
Traced to haiti
Then back to africa
Go looking for virus, ZR59 and DR60
ZR59- old 90’s, tested old tube of blood… bantu man 1959
Michael warabee.. U of arizona, found virus in tissue preserved by wax, same town, kinshasa,
from 1960
Goes back to about 1908 ish
Look for other viruses similar
Similar in Chimpanzees
Beatrice Haan
Came from a chimp
But where?
Geographic origin of the chimps
Specific group, south eastern cameroon, cut off by 3 rivers
Cut hunter
Bantu man, living near the forest in se cameroon, was hunting, kills a chimp… starts to butcher
it, and bam cuts himself , blood to blood contact, alien environment but not too much different
that it couldn’t function
People have been eating monkeys for forever
Maybe it evolved or got lucky to come around at exactly the right time
1908- just has to go from village to the nearest city
Going to brazzaville in 1925, first time in a city, place from which the disease went global
1st stage- 1920s
Colonial Medicine
Reusable syringes & needles
Expanded trade routes- developing roads, making guns
2nd stage- Post 1960 - post slavery, don’t draw slaves here but go there and colonize the
Civil War, high poverty, unemployment, migration
3rd stage- 1970’s in North
Sexual Revolution
find more resources at
find more resources at
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