UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Gapminder Foundation, Condom, Infant Mortality

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8 Nov 2016
Where are we?
Gapminder data
Think @ regional, variability
Power of data
Use data to understand human life
Book- kenya
Pattern is persistent- in sub saharan africa
Highest in 20+ women
South africa- higher
Women has sex younger, not fully developed= tearing
Partnering w older men
Condom use low
High condom use in young men
Low circumcision rates- culture behind this event, mainly just us, jews, & muslims
Health benefits, when not taken off, there are cells that “hold” onto hiv
Randomized trials@ ^^ randomly assigned circumcision to men, much less likely to get
HIV- part of prevention strategy- changing taste , increases around babies, hard to get
grown men to cave in
-start looking at differences
People started looking at age of first sex- not a ton of difference
Number of sexual partners?- not much difference
AGE OF PARTNERS- tells you who’s having sex with whom
Racialized notion of sex bc where hiv is concentrated- “over- sexual” black man
Not much variability tbh
How sexual networks operate, how people are connected
Concurrency-multiple partners/ transactional sex= sex for money- prostitution?
Sex work? Women “forced” into horrible circumstances to feed their kids
Women have sex w older men so they can be modern, pads, lipsticks,
Move beyond poor powerless place where women are- push to be modern
Idea of what it is to be modern= accessible
Women use bodies to get what they want-ish
love&sex&intimacy for stuff
Lol patriarchy
Gendered thing- girls bc every month and roles, translates into dif. Motivations
Girls know about HIV , but they want things= risk
Typology of HIV Pandemic- either Concentrated HIV epidemic or Generalized HIV Country-
Gen= firmly established in general production
con= rapidly spread in risk groups
find more resources at
find more resources at
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