UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Fragrance Oil, Sedative, Rhinorrhea

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14 Sep 2016
Cold, Cough, & Allergies 9.13.2016
The Common Cold
Viral infection
Self-limiting (it will go away on its own)
Treat the symptoms
Sore throat appears first
Nasal symptoms appear 2-3 days later
Cough by day 4 or 5
Cold Flu
No fever High fever
Productive Cough Non-productive Cough
Rare muscle aches Sever muscle aches
No chills Common chill
Gradual onset of symptoms
Sudden onset of symptoms
No cure!
Goal is to reduce symptoms and prevent transmission
Non-Pharmacologic Therapy
Increased fluid intake
Gargle salt water
Tea with lemon and honey
Aromatic oil
Pharmacologic Therapy
MOA: adrenergic agonists: constricts blood vessels
Systemic (pseudoephedrine) vs topical (ophthalmic and nasal)
MOA: bind and block histamine receptors
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find more resources at
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