PSCI 3301 Lecture 1: Plato political theory

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University of Texas at Dallas
Political Science
PSCI 3301
Keams, Kevin

5102017 OneNote Online Plato Tuesday, April 11, 2017 4:05 PM PreSocratics They didnt go into the city and start questioning peoples opinions Socrates brings philosophy into the city By questioning things, the city becomes unhinged Difference between the philosopher and the city Philosopher thinks in universals City thinks in opinion Dialogues Read as a play would Kind of the opposite of a Treatise Locke wanted to bore you to death Tries to be more exciting, kind of silly Political regimes always shape the types of souls of human beings Their characters Greek soul is more of a character The Republic: Book 1 Note: To go down, descending In order to know justice, you have to know injustice Cephalus > Ledger book Doesnt consider consequences Plemecus > Doing good to friends, doing harm to enemies Justice = human virtue If justice is human virtue, by making them more just you cant make them unjust If you do good for a friend, but your friend is a bad guy, isnt this bad? If you help a friend rob a bank, are you being unjust? Thresemecus > Justice is the advantage of the stronger Justice only benefits those that can write the rules Not following justice benefits the weak People dont want to rule to sort out other peoples issues Need some kind of side benefit Get paid Get honors Get forced to rule Wouldnt want to waste their time with it You would rather have someone else do it and have you benefit it Book 2 Glaucon switches the argument justice is for the benefit of the weaker Social Compact Needs an army with people of a specific nature Have to choose which natures are fit to guard the city Proper nature is the noble puppy Spiritedness needs to be controlled Education is critical Need poets to tell lies double meanings Some sort of natural theology in the city Everything needs to be controlled by the city, including our desires Book 3 Perfect justice requires sacrifice, question is how many we have to give up Do you educate people to be individuals, or for human perfection? Have to select people who will do things advantageous for the city How do you get the leaders to care for the city more than themselves? The Noble Lie Even adults need to be lied to You are born from the earth make the conventional, natural Gold, silver, and bronze souls People have different capacities in life, were not all the same Need to have someone in government that can figure this out Cant allow private property in this perfect city People will start thinking of their property and not the common good Individual people wont be happy, but the city will be happy!45798cid=15cdbb404d6f9171app=OneNoteauthkey=!Al13
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