PSCI 3322 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Margarine

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Clinton V. Jones
How does Paula Jones fit into the Lewinsky scandal?
At this time, Clinton was governor of Arkansas
Paula Jones was working at the registration desk
!According to her, Clinton noticed her and sent a state trooper to bring her to
Clinton's room
!Clinton allegedly almost immediately made sexual advances to her
!Possibly led to hindering her advancement in her work
!Sued Clinton for sexual harassment
President Clinton tried to have the case not happen while he was President of
the US
!Asked for temporary immunity
!It would interfere with his abilities to be President due to the long process
Court said precedent does not support temporary immunity from civil suit for
events prior to taking office, one of the only times this has ever happened. (Teddy, Truman, and
The court case was unlikely to occupy much of the President's time
Little did they know about the full scope of the issue
Not a violation of separation of powers; court can be flexible re: President's
testimony "
The big problem was with a deposition that was given in the case
!Paula Jones' lawyers tried to show a pattern of sexually harassing women
!They question Clinton, asking "Did you ever have sexual relations with this
This list included Monica Lewinski
He answered no "
• Perjury!
The conviction of impeachment fell through because of the definition of sexual
relations in the case. "
US V. Kahriger (1953)
Federal government created a federal bookie tax
!If you didn't pay the tax, you broke federal law
!If you paid the tax, you would be saying "I'm a bookie running an illegal
gambling service"
Congressional business tax of $50/yr on bookies
Is this a tax or regulation?
Can taxes be regulation, or only for raising revenue?"
• Really trying to regulate bookies, not really trying to raise a lot of revenue
!If regulation, is this interfering with state power?
!It does have regulatory effect but it does raise revenue
• This is the most important aspect that makes it a tax"
The fact the tax may raise money from illegal intrastate gambling is irrelevant
The court decided that taxes can be used for regulation, they don't have to be
only for the sake of raising revenue
It is part of the taxing power! "
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