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Lecture 1

COM 261 Lecture 1: World Cinema- Russia

by Mya E
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University of Tampa
COM 261
Hector Sotomayor

RUSSIA Post-Cold War ● The Tiananmen Square Protest, Beijing, China: Spring 1989 ● Fall of the Berlin Wall: Fall 1989 ● Revolutions in Eastern Europe: Peaceful Revolution (Germany) Velvet Revolution (Czech Republic) Gentle Revolution (Slovakia) The Bosnian War ● Moscow Coup: Summer 1991/ On 12/25/1991 USSR Falls ● Unification/Division: West-East Germany Unites, Czechoslovakia Splits ● Yugoslavia Succession: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Macedonia, etc ● Soviet Union Breakup: Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, etc ● Poland Joins The EU, 2004 WWI ● (17 Million) ● Aftereffects of WWI(aka The Great War /The War to End All Wars) ○ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Physical Deformities, Loss of Identity ○ Deadly Technology: Chemical Warfare, Automated Weapons ○ Economic Instability (Hyperinflation & Poverty, especially in Germany) ○ Unimaginable Mortalities: The Death of a Generation Soviet Montage ● Early Russian Cinema ● Shows audience what to pay attention to The Bolshevik Revolution: (1917) ● War Communism: 1918-1920 The Kuleshov Effect ● Based on leaving out a scene’s establishing shot and leading the spectator to infer spatial or temporal continuity ● The same shot edited together with shots of different subject matter: Ex. A bowl of soup, a dead body, and a woman ● Viewers registered alternate interpretations such as hunger, sorrow, and lust Marxist Dialectic:Thes
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