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Lecture 11

COM 261 Lecture 11: World Cinema- Africa Middle East

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University of Tampa
COM 261
Hector Sotomayor

Africa/Middle East: ❖ Postcolonial ➢ “In current film criticism, refers to the countries in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America that were once colonies of European countries or the Untied States, but have achieved independence..The phrase is often used ambiguously since there is often reason to believe that colonial domination remains in effect..but in a more subtle form.” ❖ Ousmane Sembene ➢ “The Father of African Cinema” - The themes of Ousmane Sembene are embedded in Postcolonialism ➢ La Noir De (Black Girl) ➢ African New Wave ❖ Casablanca (Westernized African Cinema) ➢ Wins Best Picture in 1942, directed by Micheal Curtiz (Hungarian) The film illustrates the multinational sentiments influenced by colonialism ❖ Documentary Films/Robert Flaherty ➢ “The Father of Narrative Documentary,” Flaherty filmed indigenous communities across the world ❖ Cinéma Vérité/Direct Cinema ➢ Bill Nichols’ Theory: 6 Modes of Documentary ■ The Expository Mode ■ The Poetic Mode ■ The Observational Mode ■ The Participatory Mode ■ The Reflexive Mode ■ The Performative Mode ❖ The Battle of Algiers ➢ Shot in a “Neorealist/DocumentaryStyle,” the film illustrates the complicated realities of former colonies fighting for their autonomy ❖ Timbuktu ➢ Women of the Community: Brave, Strong, Resistant, Outspoken, Questions the Masculine Authority ➢ Men of the Community: Weak, Cowardly, Willing to Compromise rather than Fight
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