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Lecture 10

COM 261 Lecture 10: World Cinema- Latin America

by Mya E
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COM 261
Hector Sotomayor

Latin America: ❖ Road Film ➢ Emerged after WWII & the rise of the automobile ➢ Themes: Freedom, Autonomy, Self-Reflective, Meditative, Escapism/Running Away, Scenic Beauty, Relationships, Coming-Of-Age, Linearity, ➢ American Films: Little Miss Sunshine ➢ Ex: Y Tu Mamá También ■ Alfonso Cuarón ● Streams of Consciousness ◆ This narrative style creates a cognitive space between the story and the observer. By doing this, it develops sudden moments of thoughts and meditation that enriches the depth of the story and its characters. ■ The 4th Wall broken during dance ■ The Male Gaze ● The Camera as a Masculine Voyeur ➢ Walter Salles ■ The Motorcycle Diaries ■ Che’s Journey ➢ On the Road ■ The American Journey: Jack Kerouac’s novel explores the privilege freedom and belligerence and the uncertainties of life thru a road trip across America ■ The Mexican Journey: Alfonso Cuarón’s film emulates Kerouac’s themes but merges the “streams of consciousness” as means to explore Mexico’s past, present, and future. ❖ Pan’s Labyrinth ➢ Fantasy ➢ Fairy Tales & Magical Realism: Ofelia oscillates between the “human world” and a newly discovered “magical underworld” in order to escapes the oppressive powers that threaten her and her pregnant mother. ➢ Guillermo Del Toro [*fantasy guy] ■ Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Book Films, Action/ Adventure ■ Films: Blade II, Hellboy (I, II), Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim ❖ City of God The Gangster Genre ➢ City of God follows the tragic narrative path of the American gangster genre. Like Goodfellas & Scarface, this Brazilian version follows the rise and fall of criminal empires. ❖ I am Cuba (Soy Cuba) ➢ Propaganda ■ Narrative/Aesthetics: Written in poetic verse, shot in a series of very long takes, framed in various angles (high, low, oblique), & textured in deep composition (lighting, shadows, silhouettes) ❖ Cinema Nôvo ➢ Combined history & myth, personal obsessions & social problems ➢ documentary realism & surrealism, modernism & folklore. ➢ (Inspired by the French New Wave & Italian Neorealism) Oceania: [6 directors] ❖ Niki Caro ➢ Wha
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