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Lecture 9

COM 261 Lecture 9: World Cinema- China Southeast Asia

by Mya E
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COM 261
Hector Sotomayor

China/Southeast Asia: ❖ Hero ➢ Colors ■ Black/Dark, Red, Red & Yellow, Blue, White, Green ❖ 5th Generation ➢ Zhang Yimou *5th gen ■ Hero ■ In 1978, Beijing Film Academy reopens & in 1982 the first student class graduates ushering new filmmakers called the “Fifth Generation” ■ 5th generation created a renaissance in Chinese filmmaking, that reached Western audiences ■ Films retained a political edge, explored issues, focused on everyday struggles, adopted complex plots, ambiguous symbolism, & evocative imagery. The film’s “open endings” were inspired by the European film movements ❖ 6th Generation ➢ Jia Zhangke *6th gen ➢ They pursued their own visions. ➢ Most 6th generations films are labeled “illegal films” in China because they never were submitted in the censorship process that all films must pass before production ➢ Notable Films: Farewell My Concubine, Mama, Still Life, The World ➢ Chen Kaige ➢ Zhang Yaun ❖ Propaganda ➢ Triumph of the Will ■ Leni Riefenstahl ■ Nazi propaganda ❖ Ang Lee ➢ Life of Pi, Crouching Tiger, Hulk ➢ Independent, International, & Hollywood ❖ Martial Art Film ➢ The Shaw Brothers Studio- the oldest in Hong Kong distributed martial art films also know as “Wuxia Pian Films” (translation: Martial Chivalry) ➢ Bruce Lee ■ Bruce Lee and Kung Fu films emerge in late 1960s-early 1970s with Enter the Dragon (a partial Hollywood) being the most internationally successful martial arts film of its day ■ villains are represented as Westerners or Westernized individuals that threaten the lives of impoverished people ■ It found an audience with the African-American community ❖ Wuxia Pian Films (Martial Chivalry) ➢ (translation: Martial Chivalry)
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