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Lecture 2

PSC 100 Lecture 2: Communist & PostCommunist Transitions

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University of Tampa
Political Science
PSC 100
Matthew Becker

Communist Post Communist Transitions Communism eliminates freedom for equality Karl Marx: manifesto of the communist party Two main parties: Proletariat (exploited workers who are only valued because of their labor) Bourgeoisie (capitalists who exploit workers and own modes of production) Class consciousness identifying as being bourgeoisie Class Conflict and False Consciousness Marx says class conflict drives proletariat to clash w bourgeoisie Religion is the opium of the people False Consciousness Religion Marx: the proletariat must get over their false consciousness before there can be a revolution Lenin: religion divides and controls us Communism as a Political System Marx: Once we get rid of religion, we can have class conflict and social revolution Dictatorship of proletariat This revolution would spread to all capitalist states Once capitalism was abolished, the state itself would wither away True Communism= no social classes; cant exist until religion is abolished Socialism is stepping stone to communism Prerequisite for communism is liberalism Only capitalist states experience true communism Communism would resolve exploitation and struggle in a stateless world History would come to an end Gov. final form ROAD TO COMMUNISM EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION Communism in Economics Central Planning: bureaucratic planning by the state, no supply demand Communist party owns modes of production Goal: equally distribute wealth, eliminate poverty Positives: no poverty, no going out of business Negative: lack of worker incentive Soviet Union (19221991) 15 soviet socialist republics With 15 different languages 6 levels of autonomy: SSR is highest
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