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Lecture 1

SOC-100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: George Herbert Mead, The Communist Manifesto

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Lecture Notes 1
Sociology focuses on the present state of things but keeps in consideration the past
Focuses generally more on advanced industrialized societies and on larger groups, not the
Durkheim’s Suicide Theory
Male’s more likely to commit suicide
females have stronger family ties
nature of relationships is generally stronger among females
Other factors that make one group more at risk than another group for suicide are: family
size, religion, relationship status, country, age, financial standing
Big Thinkers
Suicide Theory- looked into how different factors worked in keeping us alive
Carl Marx
Factory Scenario and issues of social class (Factory Owners vs Workers)
Wrote the Communist Manifesto where it proposed that the workers unite together and rise
up against the factory owners and then share the wealth
George Herbert Mead
Symbolic Interactionist
Studied gestures, saying that a lot of our language is body language
Different interpretations and meanings of simple gestures among different cultures
The same thing can be said to one group and every person will understand different
W.E.B. Dubois
First African American to receive PHD
Focused on race and relations and the inequality of race
Opposed by Booker T. Washington
Dubois wanted African Americans to attend the same schools as Whites and to fight
systematic racism and segregation
Founded the NAACP
Research Methods
Eliminates bias of questions
Able to ask person to rate themselves or a topic on a scale of 1-10
Ask content questions (ex: Who built the arc?)
Talk with professional
Able to ask private personal questions
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Downside is only able to interview a small number of people but able to get a lot more depth
of answers
Participant Observation
Can be silly observing the subjects or could actually be actively participating
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