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PSY 3000
Trisha Weeks

Intro to Statistics KNOWLEDGE - Four general approaches to knowledge o Authority: asking for information or knowledge, includes the internet o Intuition: The feeling you get when you know something. o Empiricism: Something you observe through any of your senses o Logic: Knowing things by thinking them through SCIENTIFIC APPROACH - The scientific approach to knowledge relies mainly on empiricism and logic - Science requires (among other things)= o Empirical referent= Must be testable and observable o Science is self-correcting= When data doesn’t match, the theories will fix. o Scientific theories must be testable = Otherwise is it not a theory - Nature of scientific “proof”= We rarely have proof of anything. They are just theories, guesses, or logic. - Experiments= confirms, disconfirm, pit one against the other POPULATIONS, SAMPLES, AND SAMPLING PREOCEDURES POPULATIONS AND SAMPLES - Populations is everyone or everything we are trying to study. - For example o All women in the world o American men o 5 graders in the US o South American yaks o All Schwinn bicycles made in 1986 o Anyone with a genetic disposition for skin care o Scores (population of IQ scores) - But it is too hard to measure everyone so we… TAKE A SAMPLE - A sample is those members of a population we actually measure
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