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PSY 3400
Katie Baucom

ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR DAY ONE Key Ideas - defining and studying abnormal behavior - History of abnormal behavior - Approach to the study of abnormal behavior in 3400 Abnormal Behavior is Hard to Define - No single definition of psychological abnormality of normality - Psychological disorder: o Psychological Dysfunction- emotional, behavioral, etc… o Distress/impairment- usually one or other, bipolar is example o Atypical response- developmental stage is important - Case Example o Tom hates escalators, so he avoids them o Things to consider:  Age- is he 5 or 25?  Why it happened- previous bad experience?  Environment- has he never seen one before?  Impairment- has a fear of escalator What is a Psychological Disorder? - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV-TR) o Contains diagnostic criteria o DSM-V was published in May 2013 - The field of Psychology o The scientific study of psychological disorders Mental Health Professionals - Doctor of Philsophy (Ph.D- in clinical or Counseling Psychology): o Clinical is diagonostic and treatment o Counseling is helping with adjustment, like a college counselor o Masters and Ph.D is an average of 6 years o Clinical research focus with clinical training - Doctor of psychology (Psy.D): o Clinically focused- not a research desgree o Very expensive, not a lot funding - Doctor of education(Ed. D): o Work in a school setting o Research or counseling in a school setting - Psychiatrist (MD): o Got to med school o Must do a 3 year residency o Allowed to prescribe medication - Psychiatric social worker (MSW): o Masters degree, maybe Ph.D o Work in patient setting with a team of staff - Psychiatric-mental health nurse: o Very similar to psychiatric nurse - Marriage and Family Counselor Therapist: o Need a masters 1-2 years Scientific- Practitioner - Mental Health Care Professional o Consumer of science  Enhancing the practice  Look at r
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