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PSY 3400
Katie Baucom

ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR DAY TWO HISTORICAL CONCEPTIONS OF ABNORMAL BEHVAHIOR - Three dominant traditions o Supernatural: no research to support o Biological: how they develop and creating treatment, this is influential. o Psychological: research behind this as well - Not one factor will cause outcome of disorders, a mix will SUPERNATURAL TRADITION - Abnormal behavior caused by external factors o Demonic procession, witchcraft, sorcery, etc… - Supernatural traditions o Exorcism, torture, beatings, and crude surgeries. o Hung over over pits of snakes to scare the spirits out of them BIOLOGICAL TRADITION - Caused by ones biology and brain pathology - Abnormal behavior caused by internal factors (physical illness) o Brain dysfunction: Hippocrates 400 BC  Women with paralysis or blindness: the theory was that the brain dysfunction was caused by a “wandering uterus”. The treatment was to get married and have children. o Imbalance in bodily fluids (Gallen’s humeral theory 100 AD)  Chemical imbalance causes the body harm  Vomit to release the chemicals - Biological treatments o Marriage (400 BC) o Bloodletting and induced vomiting (100 AD) leeches sucking blood o Physical care (1850’s) exercising, social interactions, diet, rest. o Electroconvulsive shock therapy (1940’s) induced seizures o Medications (1950’s) highly addictive with bad side effects PSYCHOLOGICAL TRADITION - Abnormal behavior caused by external and internal factors o Internal: thoughts, cognitions, emotions, behaviors o External: social environment, family, specific relationships, setting for most for most of time, interactions with other people o Psychological: social, cultural - Psychological treatments based on: o Psychoanalytical theory (early 1900s) Freud o Humanistic theory (mid 1900s) support and family therapy o Behaviorism (1800s-present) more recent for focus PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY (FREUD) - Intrapsychic conflict o Parts in mind are in conflict  Superego: moral and rational side  Id: Emotional and less rational side - Treatment o 4-5 sessions per week o Techniques include interpretation based on:  Free association: childhood link  Dream analysis: interpreting what they say about you HUMANISTIC THEORY -
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