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PSY 3400
Katie Baucom

ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR DAY THREE RECAP= OPERANT CONDITIONING - Operant Conditioning: learning that occurs based on consequences o Reinforces: frequency of behavior increases o Punishment: frequency of behavior decreases - Types of reinforcement/punishment (positive or negative) o Positive: something is added o Negative: something is taken away - Consequence: what happens after the behavior o Appetitive: pleasant, individual wants to approach o Aversive: unpleasant, individual wants to avoid - Concept check o Behavior increases (reinforcement)  Aversive consequence removed  Appetitive consequence added o Behavior decreases (punishment)  Aversive consequence added  Appetitive consequence removed CLINICAL ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS CLINICAL ASSESSMENT - Evaluation of biopsychosocial factors in an individual with possible psychological disorders - Common functions of clinical assessment o To understand the individual: Understand stressors, childhood, etc… o To diagnose psychological disorders o To plan treatment: What research suggests will help the most o To evaluate treatment outcome: Assess if it is really helping PSYCHOMETRIC PROPERTIES OF ASSESSMENT TOOLS - Accurate clinical assessment depends on the quality of the measurement tools - Key properties of test scores o Reliability: will the tool produce consistent results  Example: test re-tester and inter-rater reliability o Validity: does the tool measure what it is supposed to measure  Concurrent: results reflect overall health accurately  Discriminant: different results than overall well being o Standardization  Environment, specific instructions  Norms: results on a test for a particular type of people CLINICAL INTERVIEW - Most common assessment method - Structured or semi-structured: yes or no versus open ended questions - Includes mental status e
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