CRIJ 2328 Lecture 1: Ch.1 Policing in America

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1 Sep 2016
Ch.1 Policing in America
10s of 1,000s uniformed law enforcement personnel everyday
Distinct uniform
Duty belt w/equip (baton, spray, taser,gun)
Patrol men/women, detectives in suits, undercover police blend in w/society,
security personnel in malls & private companies (less training & education
Non-sworn personnel, clerks, communications, administrative personnel, etc..
Police employed at the international, nationals, state, county, & municipal
In 2004 over 800,000 sworn personnel in the U.S
Over 18,000 agencies range in sizes from over 36,000 to some very well-
trained, only 1 officer
(others receive very little training
Private security adds ~ 1.2 million employees to ~ 15,000 companies
Concept of Police
From the greek words polis & politevein: being a citizen who participates in
affairs of a city or state
Take person b4 an unbiased [Judge] magistrate
When disputes can’t be resolved police officers intervene & apprehend those
who violate order or law
Many favor centralized police to avoid corruption
Police granted powers:
Intervention in daily affairs of private citizens
Regulations of morals
Traffic law enforcement
find more resources at
find more resources at
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