GEOL 101 Lecture 31: Geo 101 Lecture 31

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GEOL 101
Paul Giesting

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Lecture 31 Geochronology- Age of Rocks and Fossils - Geologic Record the fact that Earth has changed through time has become clear based on evidence • in the geologic record • geologic record is the record of events preserved in rocks - although all rocks are useful in deciphering the geologic record, sedimentary rocks are especially useful - learning to better interpret the record is still going on - Stratigraphy • surfaces known as bedding planes separate individual strata from one another (or the strata grade vertically from one rock type to another) • rocks above and below a bedding plane differ in composition, texture, color, or a combo of these features • bedding plane signifies - rapid change in sedimentation - period of non deposition - Superposition • Nicholas Steno realized he could determine the relative ages of horizontal strata be their position • in deformed strata, the task is more difficult • some sedimentary structures and some fossils allows geologists to resolve these kinds of problems - Age of lava flows, sills • determining relative ages of lava flows, sills, and associated sedimentary rocks uses alteration by heat and inclusions • a lava flow forms in sequence with sedimentary layers 1 Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - Principle of Inclusions- inclusions or fragments in a rock are older than the rock itself - Sill- will heat the rocks above and below it - Unconformities • conformable strata are sequences of rocks in which deposition was more or less continuous • unconformities in sequences of strata represent times of non deposition and/or erosion that encompass long periods of geologic time • the rock record in any single locat
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