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Lecture 24

GEOL 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Arsenic, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Septic Tank

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GEOL 103
Gray Dean

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Water Pollution
I. Introduction
A. Water Pollution can be classified by:
a. Its compostition
b. Its source
c. Its fate
B. Potable Water- Water that is safe to drink
C. Polluted Water- Water unusable for its intended purpose
D. Contaminated Water- Water unusable for any purpose
II. Water Pollution
A. About 17% (1.1 billion) of the world doesn’t have clean drinking
B. U.S. Pollution
a. About 10% of the streams, rivers & bays are polluted
b. About ¼ of all groundwater is polluted
C. TN Water Pollution
a. 5,800 miles of impaired streams in Tennessee
1. Chatt Creek polluted with coal and tar
2. Ten Mile Creek, West Knox filled with urban trash
III. Residence Time
A. How much time an element or compound spends in a liquid reservoir,
such as a river stream, lake or ocean, is called the residence time
B. Residence times will differ for any given element in different
reservoirs with different capacities
IV. Pollution Sources
A. Pollution Sources can be divided into 2 categories:
a. Point Sources
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