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Lecture 8

GEOL 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Photosynthesis

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GEOL 103
Gray Dean

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Carbon !
-Carbon can form various ions !
Oxidized Carbon (Inorganic) !
Cation, lost electron (lost energy) !
Ex. C4+ + 2O2- = CO2!
Reduced Carbon (Organic) !
Anion, gained electrons (gained energy) !
Ex. C4- + 4H+ = CH4!
Energy Transformation !
-Photosynthesis takes oxidized carbon (CO2) and adds electrons making it reduced
(starches, glucose). Animals strip the electrons from reduced carbon (food) !
-Photosynthesis: !
Takes oxidized carbon and reduces it. !
Reduced carbon has more electrons, thus more potential energy. !
Many forms o excess stored organic carbon are used by society for energy. !
What are they? !
How do they form and how are they used? !
Carbon Storage!
-Carbon is withdrawn from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. !
CO2 + H2O + energy ––––––> CH2O + O2!
-Carbon is returned to the atmosphere by combustion (burning fuel and by respiration
(digesting food)). !
-Also by chemical weathering !
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