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University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Political Science
POLS 240
Christopher Acuff

Political Science 240 4 October 2016 Administrative Reform Week 8 1. Recap a. Organization problems a.i. Government isn’t perceived as effective or innovative a.ii. Majority of government programs work well majority of the time a.iii. Perceptions of waste, fraud, and abuse a.iv. Organizational problems lead to almost endless search for better coordination, reorganization 2. Reform in America a. America began with a commitment to change b. Most innovate administrative thinking comes from private sector c. Many reforms arise from experiments at state and local levels 3. Reform Strategies a. Downsizing a.i. Government too big, and do whatever is possible to make it smaller a.ii. First and most common approach, especially in last 40 years a.iii. Caps on revenues and expenditures in 1970s a.iv. Citizens want lower taxes and feel like getting rid of waste will allow them to receive same services for less cost a.v. Protect the essentials – the kids a.v.1. Difficult to fully protect these, they take up a lot of money a.vi. Tax the other guy – corporations, s
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