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University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Political Science
POLS 240
Christopher Acuff

November 1, 2016 1 POLS 240 Decision Making Week 12 1. In General a. Core administrative function and policy aspect b. No single decision defines action – it’s the series of decisions c. Studying falls into two areas i. Descriptive – how decision making does work ii. Normative – how decision making should work d. Deals with issues surrounding information and values i. Who controls information ii. Political values affecting decisions 2. Rational Decision Making a. The classic approach b. Sometimes called the rational comprehensive approached c. Builds on works of microeconomics – efficiency as highest value d. Maximize utility e. Why do we vote? Satisfaction that comes with doing civic duty, expressing voice, affirming partisan preference f. Systems theory i. Input to output to results which goes to feedback loop and evaluate decisions g. 5 basic stages i. Define goals ii. Identify alternatives iii. Calculate consequences 1. Cost/benefit iv. Decide option with most favorable balance v. Begin again 1. Via feedback loop h. Planning-Programming-Budgeting Sy
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