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University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Political Science
POLS 240
Christopher Acuff

Political Science 240 Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Human Capital 1. Human capital a. Development of strategy to recruit and retain the workers the government needs to do its work, and to ensure that they produce strong and effective government problems b. Lack of government attention to human capital major problem c. Four main issues i. Leadership ii. Strategic human capital planning iii. Acquiring, developing, and retaining talent iv. Results oriented culture 2. Leadership a. Those at the top have to focus on improving the organization and building a workforce that can achieve the organization’s goals b. Managers can get bogged down c. Organization change can take years but appointees don’t serve that long d. Ageing workforce & people retiring, need to get next generation of public sector leaders 3. Results Oriented Culture a. Bureaucratic rules and regulations become burdensome b. Performance management systems drive personnel system c. Performance improvement under Obama administration i. Performance measures to improve outcomes ii. Communicating these measures clearly and transparently 4. Government Reforms a. People should be treated more like assets tha
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