PSYC 300 Lecture 9: Child development - 7 Feb

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8 Feb 2017

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Child Development 7 February 2017
CH 11
Self and social development
Trends in children’s social-cognitive development:
Proceeds from concrete to abstract
Becomes better organized
Changes from simple, one-sided explanations to complex, interacting relationships
(adolescents are good at interacting, go off social cues)
Moves toward metacognitive understanding (stage of being able to think about why
and how you are thinking about things, 13-14)
More complex than nonsocial cognition
Testing emergence of self-awareness
Being able to recognize yourself, can test at about 8-10 months old
Newborn intermodal perception
Self-recognition around age 2 mirror self-recognition, body self-awareness in older
toddlers (be aware of foot tingling, or something itching and itches it instead of
getting annoyed), scale errors
First self-recognize, and then become aware of what they can do
Self-awareness and early emotional and social development
Young infants are sensitive to variations in emotional messages
Sets stage for social referencing
Emergence of self-conscious emotions
Begin to empathize
Mutual peer imitation
Sense of ownership, possessiveness (sharing becomes hard, knows they are
independent, claim things)
Categorical, remembered and enduring selves
Categorical - classify self and others by:
Age (their age compared to other’s)
Sex (understand their sex and other’s)
Physical characteristics (brown hair, short, wearing glasses)
Develops with language
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