ARC 1113 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Studio System, Sales Presentation, Teamwork

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31 Aug 2019
Archiculture Film 08/26/19
- Space & occupation are key
- Design studio is a place where students create something on their own
- Object & space
- Studio culture
- Studio system is very important because it gets everyone to view things and share
everything to solve something
- Robert Moses
- Energy between people create an output
- The critique
- Being critiqued can be frustrating
- They’re going to criticize because it inspired them to have an idea and opinion
- Sales pitch not always the best choice
- Design visualization: idealized space, laboratory, optimism, never work alone
- Creativity
- Team work
- Space
- Culture
- Rewarding
- Discussing work
- Input and ideas
- Putting yourself on display
- Inspire progress
- Think clearly
- Technology
- Having a space and family in the studio culture where you get to work together to
accomplish something is very important as an architect. Being critiqued is a must
because it demonstrates what must be fixed and open you up to receive input and
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