MGT 4893 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Merry Men, Procrastination

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30 Jan 2017
MGT 4893.001
Management Strategy
Jonathan Clark
1.11.2017 Introductory Exercise: Robin Hood Case 1/11/2017
Attached Files: Robin Hood.pdf (93.385 KB)
Read the case, "Robin Hood" attached to this item on Blackboard. During class you will be
divided into groups in which you will discuss the following questions:
1. What problems does Robin Hood have?
2. Do Robin and the Merry Men need a whole new strategic direction?
3. Evaluate the strategic value of the following:
A fixed transit tax
Expanding geographically
Killing the sheriff
Working with the Barons
P: What did you learn from the articleWhat is Strategy?”
Components of a successful strategy:
It’s relative to competitors
Unique for a specific customer
o Create something people want
INIMITABLE hard to copy
ALIGNMENT- how well the activities fit together
o Create something difficult to replicate
SUPERIORITY- You must create something better than the competition
TRADE-OFFS- When you decide to do something, you reject its alternatives.
OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS- Beig good at hateer atiities you’e hose
find more resources at
find more resources at
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