POL 1133 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Sharpstown Scandal, John Tower, Federalist No. 10

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27 Jun 2017
Chapter 9 political parties
Sam houston had no party
Since 1994 republican party win in texas
Political party: like minded indiv who elect candidates to influence govt
Role of pol parties
Help voters learn about candidates
Assists in fundraising
Recruit quality candidates
Voter mobilization
1. Get out the vote drives
2. Extensive online activities to connect voters
Govt role of pol parties
Help organize govt
Easier to work with members of the same party
#1 goal of pol party to win win
#2 goal is to make policy
First true party is the grange, we are a one party system
This system limits choices
Low voter turnout raises representation questions
Four levels
Local precinct
Temporary party organizations
Members select candidates for public office events are temporary
Permanent party elections
Ongoing activities
Selection of national convention delegates
Presidential preference
Winner take all
Platform: mission statement
Pol party: combination of people and interests whose primary purpose is to gain control
of govt by winning elections
2 main party : dem and reb
We have gone from 1 party to Another: pro and con no real debate govt fast/ govt does
not accept alternative
After reconstruction 1873 texas entered 1 party era- dem winning
Male , grange, lim govt, lim taxes, conserv, wealthy, business owners
1940 realignment took place: dem adopt more liberal on econ and social issues.
Support for new deal
1952-1977 republican rising. 1972 sharpstown scandal oil discovered
Recession in 70z and 80s create unrest. Voters want change
John tower elected senator in 1960: 1st rep to be elected in a statewide election
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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