POL 1133 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Sunset Advisory Commission, Sales Tax, Civil Liberties

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27 Jun 2017
Chapter 11: public policy
#5 of policymaking process
2 year budget cycl3 209.8 billion
Spend the most on education 41%
Health and human services 33%
Business and economic development 11%
218 billion for house and senate next year
Sunset advisory commission reviews every govt committee (permanent ) once every 12 years
37 agencies abolished
46 of them consolidated
Did 980 million in savings and increased revenue
Returned $23 for every $1 spent on sunset
Patronage: now what u know, who u know.
Merit (civil service test) Pendleton act: not who u know what u know
G 011237670893966 gg
State board of education
15 elected board members with no pay
Chair selected by gov with senate approval
Powers curriculum approval, textbook approval of state board of educator certification rules
Immigration dream act
Chapter 12 financing state govt
Should texas refuse stimulus money for jobs 2008
Had strings
Mandates erode state sovereignty
Increased taxes detraxr from positive economy
Were minor changes and could be repealed in 2 yrs
Increased number eligible for unemployment benefits
Texas is a donor state and should take what is ours
Current texas issues
1. Decline in tax revenue from oil and gas
2. Increase in population and poverty
3. Federal mandates
4. Diversity of needs
Pay as you go spending with a balanced budget requirement
Tx Rank 49 or 50 in state spending per capita
Little support for spending on social/welfare programs
Greater support for spending on social/ welfare programs
Most of the debt we have is due to federal intervention or mandates
Texana oppose taxes
To finance services texas uses sales taxes. One of Highest tax in nation
Texas state comptroller collects 60 different taxes
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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