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Lecture 13

BIOL 3010 Lecture 13: Lecture 13Premium

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BIOL 3010
Cronmiller Claire

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9/26/16 Lecture 13 16:44
Transversion of AT (purine to pyrmidine) converts the base pair to CG
orrrr TA
Tautermoric shift of thymine causes transitions: MOST COMMON SOURCE
5-bromouracil: structurally similar to thymine
2-aminopurine: similar to adenine
These two have mutagenic effect- they undergo tautomeric effect more
frequently than normal base pairs, causing more transitions
Protonated tautomer of AP pairs with C
2 way transitions: base analogs don’t cause transversions!!
DNA reactive mutagens: cause changes in structure or chemical
modifications but don’t require replicating DNA
Hydroxylamine: it can be increased, and if not broken down further it can
cause damage; adds hydroxyl to amino nitrogen (cytosine)
Tautomeric shift pairing with A instead of G
GC-> AT transitions
CG-> TA right? Hydroxyl amine only acts on C, so it cannot be reverted
Alkylating agents:
Add alkyl groups- mostly methyl and ethyl groups- most common target
is guanine/thymine
It can cause structural damage, depurination
Intercalating agents:
Frameshift mutagens
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