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Lecture 6

BIOL 3010 Lecture 6: Lecture #6

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BIOL 3010
Cronmiller Claire

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Lecture #6 16:52 In order to find a trait we would have to find a difference. **We are looking for variation Hair color : determined by melasomes- melanin gives pigment, gives the hair color. Eurmelanin: contained in small granules oval in shape, dark in color Pheomelanin: dusky colored melanin, more spherical, smaller than eumelanin, light in color Ratio of those two melanins determines hair color How are these melanins synthesized? Tyrosine is converted into the two. MC1R in the brain controls the ratio of which pathway is produced more. In our population the pathway to Eumelanin is favored Blond hair can be almost any ratio but is consequence of BOTH being reduced to reduced levels It’s a complex trait, they are the sum accumulation of a lot different gene functions occurring How do genes do what they do? Vast majority function through making a product and a mass majority of regulation comes from regulation of transcription 1. mRNA: protein coding, messenger from transcription and carrying it to
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