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Lecture 15

BIOL 3050 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Morris Water Navigation Task, Nmda Receptor Antagonist, Nmda Receptor

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BIOL 3050
Condron Barry

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Lecture on Dec. 3 (last lecture!) — Degenerative Diseases:
#6 “killer” (through secondary effects technically) - 84,767 deaths/year
study of suicide in 1970’s ketamine (NMDA antagonist)
dopamine: reward of aversion to odor; study in fruit flies:
odor ORN glomerulus mushroom bodies (hippocampus) <= dopamine (light
memory = # of synapses (does it learn something? yes it does)
genome-editing (conference going on in DC currently) ethical debate sort of:
APP mutation: can have Alzheimer’s at age 30! (get rid of this gene?)
Klotho gene variant NMDA receptor expression; gives you 6% boost of IQ (give
this gene?)
increase of death from AD associated with decrease in cancer/cardiovascular disease?
as we get healthier live longer see more of the disease!
loss of synapses, axons, cell death and appearance of plaques/tangles (roughly occurs
in that progression)
associated w/ age
memory loss retrograde (remembering things from way back when) and
anterograde (ability to form new memories)
declarative memory available to consciousness; daily episodes, words and their
meanings, history (more study on this type of memory; more noticeable)
non-declarative memory generally not available in consciousness; motor skills,
priming cues, associations, puzzle-solving skills
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