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Lecture 1

CS 1110 Lecture 1: November 27 – Writing Files

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CS 1110

November 27 Writing Files Wednesday, November 29, 2017 10:15 AM Reading files: go into file cabinet and read files CPU: processing and math RAM: stores contents of all variables o Together, these run the code HDD / DISK / Solid State Drive: Disk is like filing cabinet o Keeps what we put in it as long as we leave it in there o Can store things for long times When you read a file, you only get a copy It does not remove it from disk o Disk just makes a copy of disk and puts in into RAM This makes it really safe to open and read files Sending new data to disk: writing o Reading gives you a copy o Writing changes files We will give the files we write a general naming pattern, so as not to override other files Process of Writing Files 1. Open 'w' or open('f.txt', 'w') o This creates file if not there o Opening file for writing causes contents to vanish
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