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Lecture 11

HIEA 2031 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: May Fourth Movement, Xinhai Revolution, New Youth

History-East Asian History
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HIEA 2031
Bradley Reed

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11. The May Fourth Era and the Search for
Thursday, September 29, 2016
8:26 AM
Many chinese in the early 20th century began to believe that the reform
movement of the Republic was doomed to fall
oThus the May Fourth Movement happened
May Fourth Movement
oRefers the new culture movement as well as anti-Japenese product that
broke out in Beijing on May 4th 19__
oWith failure of the 1911 Revolution and the fact that Confuctianism was
becoming more and more unpopular, many students began treating confucianism as a
dated and pointless method of philosophy
oMarks the date when China began to break away from tradition and move
toward modernity
So significant to the Chinese people that it is celebrated both in
China and Taiwan
oSoon Conf. became seen more and more like a dated ideology and less like
a universal way of life that people were seeing
Feelings of liberation began to make the ind. Feel that their fate war tied to the
fall of the country?
Also a journal entered the "New Youth" began spreading like wild fire where they
wrote in "plain" language.
oSo that everyone could read it
oClassical Chinese: plain language :: latin: english
oMany switched because they believed that classical Chinese was a form of
oppression used to keep the elites in power and the population stupid
Lu Xun
Became really popular as an author
Went to Japan to study medicine, while there Japanese-Russo war broke out
oSaw Chinese man executed for being a spy - but what really bothered him
was the passiveness of the Chinese as they watched this play out
Thought the best way to reach people of China was to write stories
o"Diary of a Madman" is a story that was used as a political allegory for the
Confucian society in China
Cai Youpei
Became chancellor of Beijing University
Studied in Germany where he fell in love with Anarchism
Brought many people that were Marxist writers and thinkers to promote protests
and activism
Ha Shi was one thinkers
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