HISA 3003 Lecture 11: Partition 1947

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University of Virginia
History-South Asian History
HISA 3003
Nabaparna Ghosh

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Lecture XI Partition 1947 HISA 3003 Northwestern provinces of India created West Pakistan Northeastern provinces of India created East Pakistan (until 1971) Earlier, Pakistan = Idea It began with a theory Two Nation Theory Worked on promoting Urdu 2 Nations = 2 Groups of peoples 1. Hindus 2. Muslims These two nations required the separation of the country Argued that the HinduMuslims cold not work together for nationalism Said Ali Khan originally proposed this idea informally No sharp divide or disdain between the INC and Muslim league = just fundamental idealogical dierences, but not strict or violent Khilafat Movement, 1921 Divisions sharpened between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League Muhammad Iqbal (18771938) Wrote exclusively in poetry Devout Muslim who studied the Quran from childhood Began to talk about that the Muslim states of India should be brought together Muslims should live together in consolidated speeches together Delivered the Allahabad Address, 1930 1
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